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Since 2001, Connexys has been the leading recruitment platform in Europe for finding, matching, selecting and retaining talent. The right person in the right place. Whether it concerns recruitment, hiring or labour mobility: Connexys enables, purchasing, recruitment and HR to work together efficiently. In addition to many large corporate organisations, many recognised agencies also work with Connexys in the staffing sector. With the Connexys Resource Manager, based on Salesforce technology, they have a powerful platform that enables them to fully deploy CRM, Recruitment, HR and Marketing Automation in the war for talent.

More than 20,000 users of more than 350 customers are now using Connexys’ solutions. Some of Connexys’ well-known clients are BAM, Belfius Insurance, Boskalis, Engie, Erasmus MC, G4S, Heinz, KPMG, Manpower, Otto Work Force, Randstad, Stork, TUI, VGZ & Yacht.

Since September 2017, Connexys has been acquired by Bullhorn®, the global leader in CRM and corporate software for the recruitment sector. The acquisition of Connexys gives Bullhorn an extra impulse to gain a solid foothold with its own platform and the recruitment solutions of Connexys for current and new customers in the European recruitment market.

See here our infographic Connexys in numbers 2016, where we look back on the highlights of the past year.


Our mission is to connect with the ambitions of our relations. We allow Purchasing, Recruitment and HR departments to collaborate efficiently. We have implemented resource centres at a number of organisations. Purchasers and recruiters work together in these centres to fill vacancies and projects, using one single solution. Regardless of whether you are looking for candidates for a vacancy, an assignment or a project: we add transparency to the labour market, helping demand to meet supply.


We are keen to work and develop together with partners that are specialists in their field. This allows us to offer an even better and more complete solution to our customers. Incidentally, we also co-create with our customers. By organising customer and user sessions we facilitate the development of solutions that are truly fit for purpose. Connexys is all about CO. Collaborating, cooperating, co-creating with our customers to develop and implement the best possible applications. It’s no surprise then, that we are able to build long-term relationships with our clients and continuously adapt to their changing needs and demands.

Our field of work is constantly changing. Solving resource issues, however complex these may be, energises us.

Our employees

At Connexys we work with a team of professionals who continuously develop and improve our products and services.

The Connexys board members are:  Gijs van Heijst (CEO), Jan van Goch (Director Marketing & Sales) en Guus Meijer (Director Operations).

The Connexys Supervisory Board

Our Supervisory board contributes to the growth and development of the organisation. Its members are:

  • Rob Zwartendijk
  • Willem Hellendoorn
  • Pieter van Bodegraven