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Recruiting in Belgium; trends and opportunities

Nick Vinckier

Now the labour market is overheating again, recruiting is hot topic. According to Textkernel*) research, over 330,000 unique vacancies were posted online in the first quarter of this year. How can top talent in the Belgian market be reached, what trends can be discovered and how can employers and agencies distinguish themselves successfully on the job market? We asked influencers and inspiring people in the market to give their opinion. In this interview Nick Vinckier, digital and social media expert shares his insights.Read more

Is active sourcing outdated?

Active sourcing is a hot topic for recruitment. Within this recruitment strategy, an organisation tries to actively get in contact with potential applicants and establish a long term relationship with talented candidates. This approach constitutes the opposite of the traditional, reactive ‘post & pray’ and is gaining more and more attention. But will this trend come to an end as soon as new developments in the field of intelligent technologies enter the market? In this blog post, I’m sharing my thoughts on this topic with you.

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Connexys has been acquired by Bullhorn International!
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