During the Recruitment Tech Awards in 2015, the talentpool solution from Connexys, which we call Talent Marketing Activity Manager, was elected to be the number one in the category Best Tooling. The talentpool solution is part of the Resource Manager, a platform for Recruitment, Contingent staffing, and Job mobility. It enables you to manage all resources, according to your own preferences and match them with remaining requests and vacancies.

The personalized homepage of the Resource Manager, allows the most important talents to always remain top of mind. Every recruiter can simply add his favourite talentpools to his own dashboard.

Talentpool details
At the push of a button, you can send (A) all your talents a job profile of a new vacancy, (B) add new candidates to your vacancy, and (C) send targeted e-mails about subjects that might be of interest to your target group.

For each talentpool, you can plan periodical meetings with your talents. This way, you keep them captivated, which results in your organization being top of mind in your target group.

Candidate file
During the recruitment process, candidates can easily be added to talentpools, either individually with their personal dossiers, or as a group. You can then organize various activities, which will immediately become visible in the recruiter’s activity scheme. Just as easy, you can create new talentpools for your best candidates. On a vacancy level, you may subsequently conduct a targeted search for candidates in your own talentpools.

The talentpools of the Connexys Resource Manager, enable you to connect talented candidates to your organisation, in a simple and pleasurable manner. With this tool, managers stay in touch with valuable and promising candidates. When a new vacancy opens, you can simply search in your own talentpools.

The recruiter increasingly deploys online marketing principles. The talentpool solution from Connexys seamlessly corresponds to this.

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