Why you need a recruiting system or ATS

A recruiting system is a software application, which allows employers to efficiently and effectively manage their recruiting process and their candidate flow. This may include the creation of a database of candidates, management and publishing of job openings, processing of applications, inviting and rejecting applicants, the creation of talent pools etc.

Recruiting software, ATS, applicant tracking system

There are many different names for recruiting software. Recruiting system, ATS (applicant tracking system), recruiting software, applicant tracking software, candidate tracking system or human resource system often have the same meaning.

Two objectives

An ATS should always be based on two objectives:

  • to optimize the recruiting process for the employer or the agency and to improve the quality of the candidates
  • to make the application process as effective and enjoyable as possible for the candidate.

1. Optimize Recruiting Process and improve quality of hire

A recruiting system provides an employer or recruiting agency the ability to optimize the recruiting process. It provides fast, accurate and orderly processing of data around the recruiting and hiring process for candidates and vacancies. A good system allows you to work more efficiently and, just as important, to improve the quality of the candidates you hire.

2. Encourage a positive candidate experience

A good recruiting system is not just for the person responsible for the job opening, but also for the candidate. A positive Candidate Experience is an important goal for a well-organized recruiting system. It ensures that the application process is pleasant for the candidate and well organized according to transparent steps.

The candidate is central and everything has to focus on providing the candidate with a good impression of the organization. With the right approach, even a rejection can be a positive experience for the candidate. The Candidate Experience does not only affect the image of the employer, your employer brand, but also your corporate image. You should never underestimate the importance of this.

What does a good ATS offer?

  • A candidate and a talent database
  • Access to online candidate profiles
  • CV parsing (automatically import CVs)
  • Link with own HR system
  • Multi-user access
  • Mobile application for administrator and candidate
  • Customized reporting module
  • Multilingualism
  • Workflow Management
  • Flexible management of job openings
  • Smart matching module
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Posting job openings on own website and intranet
  • Multiposting of job openings on job boards and social media
  • Email option
  • Tools for newsletters, e-mails, job alerts
  • Tools for referral recruitment

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